About Dave Jay

Dave Jay

Dave Jay, a multi-talented writer and performer who creates original music and comedy for kids and adults, began doing impressions and character voices at age 6, and writing songs at age 9, imagining himself to be the 5th Monkee–that is, until he heard The Beatles!

Having completed a critically acclaimed run of “johnpaulgeorgeringo”, (Dave Jay’s impromptu, interactive, unique one man Beatles tribute in which he smoothly morphs between the four characterizations), in the New York International Fringe Festival – selected “Outstanding Solo Show”, a successful run at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, England during “Beatles Week” and continued success as part of The FringeNYC Encore Series, Dave Jay also wowed audiences at the renowned off-Broadway theater, SOHO Playhouse, Times Square’s HA! Comedy Club, and the legendary B.B. King Blues Bar, plus as a special guest in The Frigid Theater Festival, all in NYC.  Dave Jay has also performed the show in Louisville, KY as part of the world’s largest Beatles-inspired festival, Abbey Road On the River.

Dave Jay’s latest two CDs of original music are songs from johnpaulgeorgeringo, containing songs written specifically for the earliest incarnation of his solo show, and Songs for Today’s Attention Span, a collection of thoughtful, catchy tunes, all co-produced with multi-talented writer/producer/musician Lenny Monachello (ThisWay, All Night Chemists) at his Soundtronics recording studio in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.

Whether charming national television audiences on ABC-TV’s The View as their “Original Song Contest Winner”, or writing music licensed by MTV for The Osbournes, as well as other shows, Dave Jay injects his original brand of upbeat, melodic, clever, lyric-driven, jazz-tinged pop/rock music into every performance.  Having played at clubs, bars, parties, theaters, festivals, book stores, mental facilities, schools, and hospitals throughout the tri-state area, in the past several years he has logged hundreds of performances along the eastern seaboard, from New England to Key West, FL, including electric, unplugged, solo and group concerts.

In addition to writing and producing original educational songs for Ignite!Learning, whose animated shorts are used in the classroom setting, Dave Jay has created The Punctualtion People and One Minute Autobiography, his own line of “Insightful Entertainment” music videos designed to teach kids in a fun way–not unlike perennial favorites Schoolhouse Rock and Sesame Street.  Dave Jay has also released Balloon to the Moon, his CD of original, character-driven, upbeat children’s music, (also recorded with Monachello), selling out twice at Books of Wonder, New York City’s largest independent children’s book store.

Dave Jay performs for kids of all ages, including special needs shows for kids and adults, through organizations such as The Starlight Foundation, Hospital Audiences, Inc., Music That Heals, United Cerebral Palsy, Brooklyn Services for Autistic Citizens, and Musicians On Call, as well as many others.

Other honors include: Finalist in The Connecticut Comedy Festival (which aired on PBS), and “Special Guest Performer” in Shure Microphone’s Best Singer/Songwriter in New York Competition.

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About Insightful Entertainment

Who says you can’t have fun AND learn at the same time?

Insightful Entertainment is Dave Jay’s production company, notable for his variety of informative, yet entertaining music/videos, recordings and live performances.

Under the Insightful Entertainment banner, Dave Jay has collaborated with colleagues on their projects, such as IBMMTV and Ignite! Learning, but has also developed a reputation for producing his own clever, original, broadcast-ready material.

Dave Jay has developed his own “Schoolhouse Rock-esque” series of music/videos, including One Minute Autobiography and The Punctuation People (designed to pithily teach kids about iconic figures from history and punctuation marks, respectively, set to catchy, upbeat, original music).  In addition, Dave Jay’s award-winning live solo show for grown-ups, johnpaulgeorgeringo, which received international acclaim, has entertained and informed scores of fans of The Beatles (Dave Jay smoothly morphs between each distinct Beatle character while answering any question from any audience member).  Dave Jay also offers a version of johnpaulgeorgeringo for kids, which he refers to as Fab Four Jr., and has performed this in schools such as Sunrise Park Elementary in Boca Raton, FL.

Kids of all ages are being delighted with the clever songs and antics of DAVE JAY.  Learning has never been this much fun!

Did You Know? There’s more photos/info in Dave’s Press Kit!