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Dave Jay Tuesday Live Stream Broadcast #3

Ready for the Dave Jay Tuesday Livestream Broadcast #3??  Then, G-R-E-GREAT!  ‘Cuz here it is! 

It’s all about my internship at NBC’s Saturday Night.  I have so much to share on the topic, that this is merely Part 1.  Tune in tonight for Part 2, and for that matter, every Tuesday at 8PM EST at davejayfromnyc for a healthy dose of musicality, storious banter, and ultimate funliness…enjoy!

Dave Jay Tuesday Live Stream Broadcast #2

Hope you all enjoyed last week’s post!  I shared the premiere debut of Dave Jay Tuesday, the new weekly live stream on my Facebook page, davejayfromnyc which broadcasts live every Tuesday at 8PM EST…it’s got 44 (plus–working on regimenting this) minutes of musicality, storious banter, and ultimate funliness–whoa! lethal combo, huh? Please check it out, and feel free to let me know what works and doesn’t, and what you’d like to see…here’s the second episode…enjoy!

Dave Jay Tuesday Live Stream Broadcast #1

Here it is in all it’s re-broadcast glory…my new weekly live stream broadcast on my Facebook page, davejayfromnyc every Tuesday at 8PM EST…I really love doing this, and hope you will check it out and join us for musicality, storious banter, and ultimate funliness…enjoy!

New “Dave Jay Tuesday” Live Stream – Tonite!

Coming this (and every) Tuesday night!
Live streamin’ from my FB page: davejayfromnyc
Join us for musicality, storious banter, and ultimate funliness! 

Dave Jay Live (Stream)!

Live streaming every Wednesday in August (& on September 1st), at 9AM & 5PM EST, and havin’ a blast doing so!

Starting after Labor Day, our schedule will switch to every Tuesday night at 8PM EST, taking the moniker of our beloved vlog, Dave Jay Tuesday…really looking forward to that, taking place at

Please visit this page, and click “Like”, and enjoy each new episode!  Thank you.

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Feelin’ Disgruntled…Randomness from 2013

I’m a highly sensitive fella…(my wife calls it “moody”)…and, given to an extreme range of melancholia to anxiety…(my Dad calls it “peaks and valleys”)…sometimes when either extreme occurs, I find it helpful to pick up my ol’ guitar, strum-n-sing in a random fashion, and make up a tune off the top of my head, such as in this vid. I recently came across from 2013…enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Damo! (2020)

A Happy Birthday greeting I recently made for my mentor and friend, Damo Keyes…enjoy!

Follow Up to Beatle Mike’s Gracious Gift!

My buddy and super fan, “Beatle Mike”, sent me a thoughtful gift right as the pandemic was rearing it’s craptastic head.  I finally got around to creating this fun li’l video follow-up…enjoy!

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Dave Jay’s Brand Spanking New “Damian Keyes Music Business Academy” Jingle!

My mentor and friend, Damian Keyes, has launched his new site to help musicians take control of their music career: Damian Keyes Music Business Academy.  Try a 14 day free trial at  Here’s a li’l jingle I wrote to help him promote his awesome curriculum…enjoy!

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Live Stream Central!

Here’s one of my latest live stream broadcasts…I love doing these…enjoy!

Join us this summer every Monday, Wednesaday & Friday, 9AM & 5PM: