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I Want God (Instrumental)

Philippa For Miles (Instrumental)

We Won!

Too Much Bupkis, a script that I co-wrote with my friend and colleague, Tom Brown (Potter Brown Productions), won the “Short Screenplay” category of the 2018 ECU – The European Independent Film Festival!

Tom had approached me to co-write the script, and to eventually perform the lead role of “Bupkis”, and this win is a shot in the arm as we prepare to raise funds to produce our film…stay tuned for more details!

Though we were unable to attend the ceremony in Paris last month, we sent along this brief “Thank You” video…enjoy!


Thanks From Montefiore Medical Center

I perform at children’s hospitals and/or the pediatric wing of hospitals monthly in New York City, including St. Mary’s, Brooklyn Hospital, Maimonides, NYP Flushing, as well as at other facilities, made possible by Music That Heals and enCourage Kids; this is a lovely certificate of appreciation, received recently from Montefiore in The Bronx.  I am grateful to be able to bring my music and comedy to these children, their families and the staff members who take care of them. 

“Take Me Home, Country Roads”

My version of the John Denver classic…enjoy!

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, & Me)

It was my Uncle Al who introduced me to the musical crooners, The Ink Spots, back when discussing music while in my teenage years.  It wouldn’t be ’til a few years ago that I was introduced to this particular tune by The Ink Spots, which grew on me very quickly…I love the simple, but clever concept, chords, melody, and lyrics all…enjoy!

“Kids Love Dave Jay” Birthday Party Review

“Invisibility Land” (1999 Demo)

This is a tune I wrote in the late 1990’s, which I always kinda liked.  Years later I re-wrote/re-purposed it as a song for my niece, called “So Smile”, (below), which worked out nicely…enjoy!

“Livin’ In My Heart & Head” (Demo, 2004)

I’d started writing the main riff for this song in the summer of 1990 while in Ithaca, NY, where I lived at the time, however, didn’t finish and turn it into “Livin’ In My Heart & Head” until some time later–perhaps the mid-90s, when I was all ready living in NYC.  It turned out to be a song about spending lots of time in my own imagination, which I had been doing quite a bit at the time.

I’ve since recorded this song in a recording studio three times, this one being the third; I’d had the bass, drums and trumpet backing tracks all ready recorded by members from the last incarnation of my band, The Sound of Monday, which concluded at the very end of 2003.  On the previous two recordings of this song, I hadn’t really had the freedom to solely produce it the way I saw fit, so, for fun, in 2004 added what you have here.  Though I’m not sure I knew quite what I wanted, it certainly more accurately reflects my sensibilities.  In any case, I had a great time doin’ it…enjoy!

“Kids Love Dave Jay” Birthday Party Review