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Dave Jay, “Jack of Pop!”

Back in the 90’s, while fervently pursuing my pop/rock music career as a solo performer, (while I wasn’t playing with my two bands of that decade, “Splat!” and “The Sound of Monday”, the latter of which is still going forward today), I was aware of how much media coverage Michael Jackson had been receiving as “The King of Pop!”; so, I commissioned my friend, artist Keith Lafond to create an image for me–as I saw it, not quite as a King, but perhaps more of a “Jack of Pop!” 

 This is how I looked back in the 1990’s. 

“The Cuckoo Cafe” (2014)

Tom Brown, (who co-created “The Cuckoo Cafe”, above, with T.J. Sansone), and I have been collaborating on a new film script of our own…stay tuned!

Meantime, enjoy “The Cuckoo Cafe”, a nod to late producer, Saul Zaentz.


Beatle Book Mention!

“Raising A Beatle Baby” by Jere Hester

Please scroll down for my backstory and version of events…

In 2008, I was booked to perform my solo show, “johnpaulgeorgeringo” at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, thanks to Charles Rosenay.

While in Liverpool, I was also on Charles’s well-known tour to all of the notable Beatles-related spots; one of my favorite places we visited was the childhood home of John Lennon, who lived with his Aunt Mimi. One of the stories I’d heard was that John and Paul would practice their harmonies in the front vestibule because the acoustics were good; naturally, I was eager for the formal tour to end, so that I could make a bee-line to that vestibule.  I wanted to sing in there to hear, presumably, what they’d heard, and imagine what it might have been like.  I did so, and it was one of the coolest high points of the trip, (among many–aside from performing at The Cavern, making some lasting friendships and memories with the locals, I also have an amazing story how I unexpectedly ended up performing at The Jacaranda Club, aka “The Jac”, a place John, Paul, and George used to perform before they even had a drummer).

 Aunt Mimi’s House–John Lennon’s Childhood Home

What I had not known, and just recently inadvertently discovered, was that this moment I so enjoyed at John’s house was included in the book, “Raising A Beatle Baby”, Jere Hester’s personal account of how The Beatles touched the lives of his family.  The link to Jere’s recollection of this moment is atop this post, (if you don’t see the mention, type “Dave Jay” in the search box provided), but for a link to purchase his book, please click (or cut and paste) here:

Throwback Tuesday!

Dave Jay in IBM OS:2 Industrial Commercial Summer 1996  

Dave Jay Songwriter Report #1

Dave Jay Songwriter Report: Season 1, Episode 1

All My Loving

© Lennon/McCartney

Apple Blossom Time

(I’ll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time
©1920 Albert Von Tilzer/Neville Fleeson 

Buck B’Gak Gets Electrocuted

*No actual chickens were harmed during the making of this video 


Music That Heals – February 2017 Letters


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Over The Rainbow

©1939 Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg 

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