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The Sun & The Moon (Demo, 2004)


I wrote this song in one sitting in late August/early September 2003 on a Sunday afternoon while watching the film “Corinna, Corinna” on television, and made the demo a year or so later…enjoy!

“The Very Thought of You” – March 2018

I simply really love performing this Ray Noble classic…enjoy!

Testimonial – NYP Flushing Hospital

Every month I return to the place where it all began–that is, where I was born, (though at the time it was called “Booth Memorial Hospital”), to perform for children of all ages, and their parents.  It is an honor to consistently be given the opportunity to do such meaningful work doing what I truly enjoy, and I am grateful to Music That Heals, which makes it possible.  

“A You’re Adorable” (Cover)

This is a song that was a hit when my Mom was a little kid, and she used to sing it to me when I was a little kid…fond memories of it from that standpoint, but as a grown man and songwriter, I really appreciate the cute/clever lyrics and concept, as well as the sweet “Great American Songbook-y” chord structure…and, if nothing else, hey, it’s just a fun song to play…enjoy!


“Dead Weight” by The Sound of Monday (Rehearsal, Circa 1997)

Back to another segment of my band, “The Sound of Monday”, in the rehearsal room circa 1997, with a song I’d written about resentments that had built up in one relationship or another…little had I realized at the time that the resentments I had been feeling were making me the dead weight…at the time, I thought that those I was writing about were the dead weight in the relationship…nothing like a little time and growth to set it all straight.

Three years or so later, the song would undergo a re-arrangement, when the track was produced by longtime They Might Be Giants bass player and friend, Danny Weinkauf–that version is as yet still unreleased.  However, here for the first time was the arrangement in its original state …enjoy!


Testimonial – Adapt Community Network

This Land Is Your Land!

Just havin’ some fun…enjoy!

Testimonial – Kiddie Academy

An Ol’ Valentine’s Favorite

In 2009, I re-connected with an old good friend who I hadn’t spoken with since we were kids at sleepaway camp, so, there was lots of history to cover while catching up.  Curiously, (to me, at least), she proclaimed that she was co-dependent in her romantic relationships; it struck me that she’d said it with the certainty of someone who was a devotee of a religion, and I secretly found that idea humorous.  After we concluded our four plus hour telephone conversation, (yes, we spoke for that long…maybe longer), I picked up my guitar and one-after-the-other found the opening riff and title/concept/opening line of the song…the rest just poured out of me…it’s one of my personal favorites for many reasons, among them, the story above, the simplicity with which it arrived, but also that I can truly relate to the emotional turbulence therein.  Furthermore, I am proud of the lyrics, and balance of humor and tender honesty.  Lastly, I like the way the track and video came out, thanks to Len Monachello (audio) and Sandhya Dahari (video)…enjoy!

(Be My) Co-Dependent Valentine
©2009 Dave Jay Gerstein

Be my co-dependent Valentine
I’ve all ready built a shrine to feeling unfulfilled
I swallow a heart-shaped bitter pill
Will ya be my co-dependent Valentine?

I need you so co-dependently
Without you here
There’s no me to speak of anywhere
The fun in dysfunction disappears
With our splendid co-dependent love affair

Hey! I watch it drift away from a place where I can handle it
Wait! Enable me a little more
Our therapist says to slip my check under her door…

God bless this livin’, breathin’, lovin’ mess
That we created with success
I guess we have to climb
The hopelessly copeless go sublime
I’m your moping co-dependent Valentine

“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

Okay, Super Bowl’s done…bring on the baseball!

(Winter Olympics not withstanding)…enjoy!