“Too Much Bupkis” August 2019 Review

August was an exciting month for “Too Much Bupkis”! 

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Here are some of the video posts highlighting some of our favorites…enjoy! 

Our script reached the Semifinals at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, so Bupkis wrote and recorded a few tunes for the social networks.  This one, to the tune of “Hooray For Hollywood”, is to celebrate opening night:

And this follow-up, an original song, was to thank the good folks at HollyShorts:

In addition, Bupkis helped some iconic showbiz folks celebrate their Birthdays, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille, and Max Liebman & Peter O’Toole:

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That’ll Be The Day

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Jersey Devil

Back in the 1990’s, my college pal, Tony “The Writin’ Machine” DiGerolamo created an original comic book called “Jersey Devil” in, where else? South Jersey!  In late 1998, or early 1999, he called and asked if I would write and record music to the lyrics he composed for a “Jersey Devil” theme song…here is the demo from the promotional cassette I’d created for him…enjoy!

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Summertime Blues

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“Too Much Bupkis” – Just4Shorts Winner!

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Montefiore Just Adores Me

Recently received from Montefiore…by golly, they really adore me…enjoy!

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“Too Much Bupkis” Reaches Semifinals!

Great news!  Our script, “Too Much Bupkis” has advanced to the Semifinals in the HollyShorts Film Festival screenplay competition!  

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“Too Much Bupkis” July 2019 Review

This month we kicked off our social networking campaign for our award winning short screenplay, “Too Much Bupkis”.  Our social media premiere was on July 3rd, appropriately enough, Mr. George M. Cohan’s Birthday, with additional posts for Independence Day, (Bupkis is a patriot!):

And, speaking of award winning, we found out that we were a Finalist in the New York City International  Screenplay Awards competition, and currently a Quarterfinalist in the HollyShorts Screenplay competition…wish us luck!

We premiered new features on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, such as “Joke of the Day”, and “Yiddish Lesson”, as seen below, once again featuring our Brand Ambassador, “Li’l Bupkis”:

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Thanks very much!

I thank you, my family thanks you, my butcher thanks you, Mrs. Goodman on the 3rd floor thanks you, and Murray thanks you…!  –Bupkis

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DJ at Second Wind: “It Don’t Mean A Thing”

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Dr. Robert Pedal (Aclam Guitars) Contest

Last month I created a video audition for Aclam Guitars’s Dr. Robert giveaway, their cool new guitar/bass pedal, that produces sounds specifically engineered for The Beatles’s “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” records.  What’s more, Klaus Voormann drew his version of the Dr. Robert character in the style of his iconic “Revolver” album cover drawings on said pedal, and autographed the giveaway winner!

The rules were to produce a video for Instagram, less than a minute long, performing a song from one of these two seminal albums, with emphasis on creativity and showing how big a fan you are.

Though I did not win, I received lovely, positive feedback from the good people at Aclam, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience…here’s the submission…enjoy!

P.S.  I shared my work (as they used to say in my dreaded math class), below.

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