Balloon To The Moon


Balloon To The Moon

© Dave Jay Gerstein

Some balloons drift to the sky with a lot of long hot air

But one will only lift and fly if we’ve got the right song to share

So I ask that you all try with me, ’cause I built a huge balloon

But it can only fly, you see, if we sing aloud this hot air tune…

Sing our balloon to the moon…

We’ve taken off upon a trip with plenty of music for fuel

Travelling through the clouds is hip and singing aloud is so cool…

Sing our balloon to the moon…

We’re going on a space-a-thon for everyone that wants to come

And before long our uplifting song will raise your voice to sing-a-long

Sing our balloon to the moon…

Going far past twinkling stars; you can keep your moon flowers in my vase

Our voices, my guitar’s way, way deep in outer space

Sing our balloon to the moon…

We’ll spend our summers on the moon resting by Lake Crater

Then we’ll hum our favorite tune; nothing could be greater

Sing our balloon to the moon…

There may be aliens out there different than us

Don’t be afraid, there’s friends to be made, and that’s a big plus

(“…They can sing and fly with us…”)

Balloon to the moon (“…On unleaded tune…”)

Balloon to the moon (“…So everyone croon…”)

Balloon to the moon (“…We’ll be there soon…”)

Balloon to the moon…


MASTER DJT JR 08 25 2014

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