Dr. Robert Pedal (Aclam Guitars) Contest

Last month I created a video audition for Aclam Guitars’s Dr. Robert giveaway, their cool new guitar/bass pedal, that produces sounds specifically engineered for The Beatles’s “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” records.  What’s more, Klaus Voormann drew his version of the Dr. Robert character in the style of his iconic “Revolver” album cover drawings on said pedal, and autographed the giveaway winner!

The rules were to produce a video for Instagram, less than a minute long, performing a song from one of these two seminal albums, with emphasis on creativity and showing how big a fan you are.

Though I did not win, I received lovely, positive feedback from the good people at Aclam, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience…here’s the submission…enjoy!

P.S.  I shared my work (as they used to say in my dreaded math class), below.

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