“Indivisible” (New Tune Inspired By Rioters)

Crestfallen at how looters and rioters have been out of control and unchecked in our magnificent country, I came across the Pledge of Allegiance, and was struck by the line “…Indivisible with liberty and justice for all”.

The USA has traditionally been held together by principles all Americans could proudly abide. Not knowing what to do with my anxiety, but inspired by this notion, I spent the day writing this song…enjoy!


©2020 Dave Jay Gerstein

I’m gonna stand and pledge allegiance

To a special place that I believe in

Sirens out my window so this bears repeatin’

When I’m with you we’re indivisible

Fed a steady diet Of crass rhetoric I don’t buy it

Core principles to rely on

Take a breath and don’t defy ‘em

Somethin’ happens and the lug nuts loosen

The wheels start to shimmy in the miserable

Thunder clappin’ and the gears are fusin’

Down where it counts we’re indivisible

Webs are fragile

Cords snap leave a gap must be agile

Edge of battle

Pull back don’t react

Quiet the storm within

Yes there are problems

We cannot solve them

Thinking they’re black and white

Dissolve the column

Start at the bottom

Listen instead of fight

Let’s stand together and pledge our allegiance

To a special place that we believe in

Sirens out the window so this bears repeatin’

Shoulder to shoulder indivisible

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