Introducing “Too Much Bupkis”

The social media campaign is underway for our short film project,

“Too Much Bupkis”, currently in pre-production!

Here is a short promo. we shot in Times Square, NYC…enjoy!

Please visit our website at to sign up on our e-mail list,

and follow us on Instagram at #toomuchbupkis

Thank you!  More to come!

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“Love Potion #9” at Second Wind Geriatric

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Time To Retire

Long ago I was in a band called Splat!  In 1994, we recorded a three song demo, of which I wrote two.  One of these was about Harvard professor Lani Guinier, and my reaction to her withdrawal by President Clinton from Congressional consideration as nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in 1993.  I recall feeling she’d been treated unfairly by our bloviating politicians.  Whether I was right, who knows?  But I was glad to get this song out of it…lyrics below…enjoy!

Produced by Michael Bergman

Guitars & Lead Vocals – Dave Jay Gerstein

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals – Michael Bergman

Drums – Flechter J. Huxtelbairm III

Photo by Evan Seplow

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Well….All Right

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Behind-The-Scenes at Evan’s Shoot

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Inedible Poetry & Your Own Theme Song

I recently discovered this article written in 2003 by my awesome, talented, dear near-lifelong pal, Jen, (as far back as Mrs. Murphy’s 3rd grade class).  She is a prolific author, poet, and flautist.

Often, upon leaving a voicemail on any given friend’s “machine”, I like to improvise a theme song referencing their name and personality.  Then, I tell ’em that “everybody gets their own theme song.”  Sixteen years ago this week I must have sung one and mentioned that to Jen…enjoy! 

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Add Some Music To Your Day

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Drink Inks!

My friend Nancy, (we were in the same Kindergarten class and graduated high school together), created this product–fun labels you can stick on your drinking glass, (much in the way Colorforms used to work).  I wrote a little jingle, sent it to her, and she sent me some Drink Inks to try out.  Naturally, I immediately set out to make this little promo. video, back in 2012…enjoy!

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The Ugly Things


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Only Trust Your Heart

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