“Plastic Explosives”

I wrote “Plastic Explosives” in the mid-to-late 1990s about how poorly I’d managed my personal finances–the plastic was a reference to my then flagrant credit card use.  This recording is from a band rehearsal of our then-current setlist, circa 1997 or so…enjoy!

Plastic Explosives

©Dave Jay Gerstein

Pretend you’re a billionaire

You’re spending what isn’t there

Blows up in your face; sign here

Plastic explosives

My finance charges are drowning me

Heavy with no life vest in a bottomless sea

The sharks are wearing IRS ID

My buoyancy sank down to bankruptcy

They explode at my feet

Where I dropped the statement

The figures here are replete

With reminders of late payments

Sub-basement shame rages on

Cinderella, once upon a time

Exceeded Prince’s Royal Credit Line

TRW shamed them ‘til

He sold her glass slipper to pay their bill

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Happy New Year 2018!

My “Happy New Year 2018” message to you…enjoy!  Love, Dave Jay

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Santa at Bedford Golf & Tennis Club

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Santa Claus Visits Old Navy

Earlier this month I reprised my role as Santa Claus at Old Navy in Chelsea, NYC…see the fun photos and cool GIFs below…enjoy!

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My Merry Melodies

These are some holiday-related tunes I’ve written and produced over the years…enjoy!  

Wishing you all a very happy and merry Thing, man!  Love, Dave Jay  

20151207_monte.c 452


December Holidays Be Happy


 A Very Merry Federal Secular Holiday


Santa Forever” (featuring Mia Crosby) 


Santa’s Daughter 


Winter Magic 


MASTER COPY 08 25 2014 FNL_LOGO_6_ThirstyScript

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USPS: Operation Santa

On December 1st, for the second year in a row, I reprised my role as Santa Claus at the James A. Farley Post Office in Manhattan, to help kick off the United States Postal Service’s “Operation Santa”.  I was greeted by NYC public school students and presented with their letters to Santa, which I read to a full audience, including staff and press.  It was fun to interact in character and to riff off what I was reading, and what was going on in the room.

The popular program, which began in 1912, allows Postal Service employees and customers to help people in need by “adopting” their letters to Santa Claus and granting their holiday wishes.

This year, USPS will test a digital version of the program that will allow participants to go online to search, read and adopt letters.  The office receives about 500,000 letters each year.

For more info. about the program, including how to adopt a letter, please visit: http://about.usps.com/holidaynews/operation-santa.htm

News coverage and photos below…enjoy!



Photo Credit: JoanEphotography

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Ash To Urn

I wrote “Ash To Urn” in the mid-1990s reflecting my own inner-turmoil…Not sure whether I’d realized at the time that I may really be singing to/about myself, or just to someone I could relate to.  This recording is from a band rehearsal of our then-current setlist, circa 1997 or so…enjoy!

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New National Anthem

This audio recording is from a rehearsal of the original line up of my band, “The Sound of Monday”, most likely circa 1997, of a song I co-wrote the music and wrote the entire lyrics for, re-imagining a national anthem reflective of more tawdry times…enjoy!

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Birthday Fever

Drag of all drags–I had a fever on my birthday last week…

But, the gift was that I was inspired to write about it…enjoy!

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