“Dead Weight” by The Sound of Monday (Rehearsal, Circa 1997)

Back to another segment of my band, “The Sound of Monday”, in the rehearsal room circa 1997, with a song I’d written about resentments that had built up in one relationship or another…little had I realized at the time that the resentments I had been feeling were making me the dead weight…at the time, I thought that those I was writing about were the dead weight in the relationship…nothing like a little time and growth to set it all straight.

Three years or so later, the song would undergo a re-arrangement, when the track was produced by longtime They Might Be Giants bass player and friend, Danny Weinkauf–that version is as yet still unreleased.  However, here for the first time was the arrangement in its original state …enjoy!


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Testimonial – Adapt Community Network

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This Land Is Your Land!

Just havin’ some fun…enjoy!

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Testimonial – Kiddie Academy

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An Ol’ Valentine’s Favorite

In 2009, I re-connected with an old good friend who I hadn’t spoken with since we were kids at sleepaway camp, so, there was lots of history to cover while catching up.  Curiously, (to me, at least), she proclaimed that she was co-dependent in her romantic relationships; it struck me that she’d said it with the certainty of someone who was a devotee of a religion, and I secretly found that idea humorous.  After we concluded our four plus hour telephone conversation, (yes, we spoke for that long…maybe longer), I picked up my guitar and one-after-the-other found the opening riff and title/concept/opening line of the song…the rest just poured out of me…it’s one of my personal favorites for many reasons, among them, the story above, the simplicity with which it arrived, but also that I can truly relate to the emotional turbulence therein.  Furthermore, I am proud of the lyrics, and balance of humor and tender honesty.  Lastly, I like the way the track and video came out, thanks to Len Monachello (audio) and Sandhya Dahari (video)…enjoy!

(Be My) Co-Dependent Valentine
©2009 Dave Jay Gerstein

Be my co-dependent Valentine
I’ve all ready built a shrine to feeling unfulfilled
I swallow a heart-shaped bitter pill
Will ya be my co-dependent Valentine?

I need you so co-dependently
Without you here
There’s no me to speak of anywhere
The fun in dysfunction disappears
With our splendid co-dependent love affair

Hey! I watch it drift away from a place where I can handle it
Wait! Enable me a little more
Our therapist says to slip my check under her door…

God bless this livin’, breathin’, lovin’ mess
That we created with success
I guess we have to climb
The hopelessly copeless go sublime
I’m your moping co-dependent Valentine

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“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

Okay, Super Bowl’s done…bring on the baseball!

(Winter Olympics not withstanding)…enjoy!

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Livin’ In My Heart & Head (1997 Rehearsal)

Here is another glimpse into the madcap, fun rehearsal sessions from 1997 for my band The Sound of Monday, performing a song I wrote some years before about living in a fantasy world of my own design…eventually, when performed live and on subsequent recordings, the bridge was eliminated entirely…it’s nice to hear bass player Greg Jones’ signature flowery vocals on it, mixed with my sometimes gravelly-or-otherwise-yelping bellows…a time-piece for sure…enjoy!

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4 Leaf Clover

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“Soul Searching Expedition” (1997)

I wrote this in 1994 off of an idea that came to me while jamming around an E chord during a rehearsal with my then-bandmate Bergy in our band/duo, “Splat!”.  It remained a staple of all of my later lineups of The Sound of Monday because it was simply so much fun to play.  Particularly proud moments include the lyrics, “Pick out a pickaxe that suitable to you and attach it to the knapsack in your head”, and use of the word “Biorhythm”, which was this weird 1970’s vending machine that would give your fortune-of-sorts, which I always got a dollar from my parents for whenever we’d visit the Ground Round restaurant on Rt. 10 when I was a kid.  Anyway…enjoy!

Soul Searching Expedition

©Dave Jay Gerstein

This source is on the level

It’s a tattle tale that’s true

There’s someone here

That you’ve not met yet

I’m not sure you want to

‘Cuz he runs in circles

While he runs in place

Runs away for purposes

Of feeling self disgraced

Doesn’t have the rhythm

And he couldn’t dance a foot

Biorhythm rated his love

Next to fireplace soot

Second place in a race of one

It’s only him against himself

If he could really run

Don’t run for office

Won’t run for cover

Just don’t run from love

Never ever studied

Now he’s learned not to learn

Lazing saying

“you don’t have to be smart not to burn”

If he had half a mind and

Made up half to hunt

This soul searching expedition

Leaves from this storefront

So pick out a pick axe

That’s suitable to you

And attach it to the

Knapsack in your head

Light the wick of that TNT stick

There embedded in your blues

Don’t run for office

Won’t run for cover

Just don’t run from love

Don’t run away from the one you love…

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“Plastic Explosives”

I wrote “Plastic Explosives” in the mid-to-late 1990s about how poorly I’d managed my personal finances–the plastic was a reference to my then flagrant credit card use.  This recording is from a band rehearsal of our then-current setlist, circa 1997 or so…enjoy!

Plastic Explosives

©Dave Jay Gerstein

Pretend you’re a billionaire

You’re spending what isn’t there

Blows up in your face; sign here

Plastic explosives

My finance charges are drowning me

Heavy with no life vest in a bottomless sea

The sharks are wearing IRS ID

My buoyancy sank down to bankruptcy

They explode at my feet

Where I dropped the statement

The figures here are replete

With reminders of late payments

Sub-basement shame rages on

Cinderella, once upon a time

Exceeded Prince’s Royal Credit Line

TRW shamed them ‘til

He sold her glass slipper to pay their bill

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