“Too Much Bupkis” October 2019 Review

Bupkis has had tons of fun the moving into the autumn…

Here are some of the highlights from this past month…enjoy!

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October 31st – Happy Halloween Bupkis-Style! 🎃👻

October 23rd – The Bupkis Yiddish Lesson: “Tuchas”

October 21st – Celebrating “The Master of Horror”, Bela Lugosi’s Birthday!

October 9th – Happy Anniversary NBC!

October 6th – Bupkis celebrates the Anniversary of “The Jazz Singer”!

October 1st – Celebrating the Anniversary of Johnny Carson’s first “Tonight Show”!

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Hey, Good Lookin’

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October Gigsalad Reviews!

I am thrilled and gratified to share some great reviews from clients who booked me on Gigsalad.com, from Beatles singing telegrams to a commercial acting gig for Naadam Cashmere…check out my li’l “Gigsalad Reviews” theme song, above, and the reviews below…enjoy!

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Can’t Buy Me Love

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How Did “Too Much Bupkis” Come About?

Tom and Dave discuss the origins of their forthcoming short film project, “Too Much Bupkis”.

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What is “Too Much Bupkis”?

The creators of “Too Much Bupkis” discuss the forthcoming short film’s concept…enjoy!

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Positive Review on GigSalad!

I recently re-engaged my account on GigSalad, a site I use to book some gigs, and so booked a Beatles singing telegram.  The woman who hired me was kind enough to share a kind review on the site.  It was a great experience, and we all had a blast!  “Yeah, yeah yeah!” #grateful

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“Too Much Bupkis” August 2019 Review

August was an exciting month for “Too Much Bupkis”! 

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Here are some of the video posts highlighting some of our favorites…enjoy! 

Our script reached the Semifinals at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, so Bupkis wrote and recorded a few tunes for the social networks.  This one, to the tune of “Hooray For Hollywood”, is to celebrate opening night:

And this follow-up, an original song, was to thank the good folks at HollyShorts:

In addition, Bupkis helped some iconic showbiz folks celebrate their Birthdays, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille, and Max Liebman & Peter O’Toole:

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That’ll Be The Day

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Jersey Devil

Back in the 1990’s, my college pal, Tony “The Writin’ Machine” DiGerolamo created an original comic book called “Jersey Devil” in, where else? South Jersey!  In late 1998, or early 1999, he called and asked if I would write and record music to the lyrics he composed for a “Jersey Devil” theme song…here is the demo from the promotional cassette I’d created for him…enjoy!

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