Performing at a Facility in the Age of Corona

I hope this finds you all well.
Most of my regular daily/weekly/monthly gigs (an assisted living facility in Manhattan, and children’s hospitals in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens) have been indefinitely postponed with the sole exception of my most frequently visited assisted living facility way up in the northern tip of Manhattan.
Each time I (and all employees) arrive at the facility, there is a triage set up where I fill out a sheet with a list of questions re: whether we have been exposed to, or diagnosed with Covid19, traveled to any associated countries (i.e., China, Italy, Korea, Japan, etc.), etc. They take your temperature, and ask if you have any specific list of cold/flu symptoms. If you are cleared, you get a slip of paper to hand to security and then allowed to proceed to elevators.
The audiences appear to be more receptive/enthusiastic than normal, and I am more determined to put on a fun, upbeat, interactive show (which is my norm anyway). I get the feeling I am a positive distraction for them, and it makes me feel useful and purpose-driven, however, many dementia patients naturally appear to have no idea what’s going on. 
In any case, I am grateful to be able to continue my work.
Please stay safe and take good care!
With gratitude,  
Dave Jay from NYC 

Video mini-updates below…

Assisted Living Facility Update #1 of 3

Assisted Living Facility Update #2 of 3

Assisted Living Facility Update #3 of 3

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