“Plastic Explosives”

I wrote “Plastic Explosives” in the mid-to-late 1990s about how poorly I’d managed my personal finances–the plastic was a reference to my then flagrant credit card use.  This recording is from a band rehearsal of our then-current setlist, circa 1997 or so…enjoy!

Plastic Explosives

©Dave Jay Gerstein

Pretend you’re a billionaire

You’re spending what isn’t there

Blows up in your face; sign here

Plastic explosives

My finance charges are drowning me

Heavy with no life vest in a bottomless sea

The sharks are wearing IRS ID

My buoyancy sank down to bankruptcy

They explode at my feet

Where I dropped the statement

The figures here are replete

With reminders of late payments

Sub-basement shame rages on

Cinderella, once upon a time

Exceeded Prince’s Royal Credit Line

TRW shamed them ‘til

He sold her glass slipper to pay their bill

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