The Damian Keyes Management Audition

A few weeks ago, I discovered Damian Keyes, (musician, teacher, manager, entrepreneur, author, online community leader, recent fiance’–mazel tov!–and social networking expert), on my Youtube feed.  His videos are inspirational lessons on the what-to-do’s and what-not-to-do’s in the music industry, and in particular, with marketing oneself online (an area in which I have struggled, and take the most interest).

I proceeded to purchase his debut book, “The Rule Breaker’s Guide To Social Media”, around the time he announced his new competition, offering to manage an act for six months to try to help them grow their career as an artist.  Above is my video submission for said contest…enjoy!

Though I am cautiously optimistic about my chances, I found the process of putting this all together (writing, and re-writing the script several times, editing, wife’s opinion, editing again, then shooting and editing the video by myself, wife’s opinion, and editing again), so helpful in just getting me to organize my thoughts about myself as an artist and showbusinessman–where I’m at, assets that I have, what I need to work on, etc., that I feel really good about championing Damian’s cause.  You can check him out here:


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