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Abby Happy Birthday

 I offer “Custom Songs By Dave Jay” packages, whereupon I am provided with personal information about the subject matter–in this case a very young Birthday girl named “Abby”, and I compose and produce an original track.  “Abby Happy Birthday” was created circa 2007…enjoy! 

Music That Heals 5K Race & Half Marathon

Music That Heals brings professional musicians in to perform live for seriously ill children and adults in various healthcare facilities.  This annual race helps raise funds and awareness for this fantastic cause.  Please donate and/or participate!  Thanks!  


Mars (Instrumental)

Conflict (Instrumental)

Dave Jay Tours Long Island!

Will you be in the Nassau County, Long Island-area this week?

Come to a local park and hang out with “Kids Love Dave Jay!”

Pushing Karma’s Envelope (Instrumental)


Dave Jay vs. The Redcoat

Locked in a battle of wits-n-fisticuffs with a British Regular Officer

on a recent trip to the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA.

Happy Independence Day!

Photo Credit: Tone Thyne 

While We’re Waitin’ (Instrumental)

Diving Board (Instrumental)

Hairtrigger (Instrumental)