“The Cuckoo Cafe”

This summer, my friend and colleague Tom Brown, and his partner T.J. Sansone asked me to take part in their film, “The Cuckoo Cafe”, a tribute to producer Saul Zaentz.  

One Minute Autobiography

One minute songs from the first-person perspective from iconic figures from history. It’s “Biography” meets “Schoolhouse Rock” and “SNL”… for today’s attention span.

The Punctuation People

The Punctuation People are animated characters that teach kids proper punctuation with music and comedy. Imagine “Schoolhouse Rock” meets “The Muppets.”

Songs from John Paul George Ringo

Original Dave Jay songs written for an early incarnation of his solo show, johnpaulgeorgeringo.

Songs For Today’s Attention Span

Melodic, upbeat, lyric-driven, thoughtful, jazz-tinged pop. Elvis Costello meets The Beatles in a tug of war with The Beach Boys.

Balloon To The Moon

Dave Jay’s whimsical collection of clever, catchy, melodic songs includes an array of kooky characters and ideas that are sure to put a smile on children’s faces everywhere.

Custom Songs by Dave Jay

Custom Songs by Dave Jay

Dave Jay offers a unique personalized songwriting service, in which he writes, performs records and produces a memorable, creative custom-made song as gift and/or party favor based on information you provide!

A Very Merry Federal Secular Holiday

Encompassing Joyous Approach To The Holiday Season & The World…

Playin’ Like A Jet

A 12th Man Anthem by Dave Jay