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Improvised, interactive, and impromptu one man show debuts at Fringe NYC. The Fab Four will reunite for an evening of truth, tunes, and trivia during the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival August 8th through the 24th. Can’t miss! johnpaulgeorgeringo will make its Fringe NYC debut this weekend. Performer Dave Jay morphs between four distinct characterizations of the Beatles to perform songs, divulge little known Beatles trivia, and answer audience questions. New to the Festival this year, the johnpaulgeorgeringo show features NYC native Dave Jay, who seamlessly morphs between distinct impersonations of The Beatles to take the audience on a unique magical mystery exploration.

johnpaulgeorgeringo is a unique one man show that combines historical fact and emotional truth. Completely improvised by Dave Jay, audience members guide the show with questions and requests for their favorite Beatle, such as “John, what was it like working with Phil Spector?” and “Paul, what was your inspiration for ‘Yesterday’ ?” Armed with an astonishing amount of knowledge about the Fab Four and an unmistakable Liverpudlian accent, Dave Jay responds, morphing between John, Paul, George, and Ringo and performing impromptu songs on his acoustic guitar. johnpaulgeorgeringo is a must-see show for Beatles fans.


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